About Us

Hi, it's lacopo and Nick, Founders of Aplo.

Both of us had one thing in common.
We got tired mixing our good Tshirts with the rest of the pieces in our wardrobe and always compromising not being able to find the ultimate piece of your favorite apparel for our daily adventures.
A plain Tee for all occasions, without tag lines of who you are, your body shape or style.
That's why we created Aplo.

Aplo means...

Aplo is a lifestyle,
a state of mind.

It's a brand that redefines what cool masculinity is by making men feel authentic.
We like to leave the noise behind and focus to simple things that matter most.
That's why we've focused to meticulously design mens favorite apparel. The Tshirt.
A Tee to be worn; Everyday. Everywhere. By anyone.

A premium quality Tee.

A premium quality Tee with exceptional fit and comfort while being sustainable and able to be matched with; Any attire. Any style.
The new 'go to' Tshirt to ride your journey with.
We took into consideration all aspects of mens journey to make it as comfortable as possible. No matter their jobs, interests and style.

Aplo stands for simplicity, high quality and sustainability.
Aplo is for people of any color, any ethnicity and any body weight.
Aplo is for any type of man.

Style isn't one-dimensional - it's a character, it's a feeling, it's a technicolor mirror that reflects who you truly are.
When you feel Aplo, you're feeling buttery softness, breathable, and organic fabrics that make you confident and happy.

Welcome to the world of Aplo!

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